celebration Do join us at our Open House on the 13th Jan 2023! See you!
HCI (College)
Open House 2023

Illuminating Your Hwa Chong Journey

The theme for HCI (College)’s Open House 2023 is ‘Illuminate’! Like a torch set ablaze, we hope that prospective students will be able to shine their paths forward with ardour and vigour. We wish for all students to become trailblazers in their own rights, as they forge their unique destinies and ‘illuminate’ the journeys they choose to take at Hwa Chong.

Want to know how and where you can brighten the next two years of your lives with joy and excitement? At Hwa Chong, students not only look forward to a myriad of meaningful opportunities and experiences, they will also be able to enjoy an electrifying school culture that is sure to send waves of pride through your systems at every school event.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us at Hwa Chong Institution (College) now!

Principal's Message

Welcome to Hwa Chong Institution’s 2023 College Open House website!

For those of you who have completed your secondary education, let me congratulate you on reaching a significant milestone in your educational journey.

As learning is a life-long endeavour, I am sure all of you must be eager to find out what is in store for you as you consider your choices for the next stage of your education.

At Hwa Chong, we pride ourselves for being a school with a rich heritage and a vibrant school culture that embraces all. Indeed, Hwa Chongians work hard and play hard. This is a place where a strong family bond is cherished and you will find friendship that lasts a lifetime. On the Open House website, you will find useful information about the diverse course offerings, CCAs and programmes offered at Hwa Chong and the exciting college life that awaits you, when you join us as a Hwa Chongian.

At our physical open house, you can meet up with myself and other members of the Hwa Chong family. We have lined up for you the Principal’s welcome address, special programmes talk, and academic as well as CCA booths, where you can have your curiosity ignited and queries answered. I also encourage you to sign up for the campus tours and the Senior-Junior Tea Sessions where you can interact with current Hwa Chong students and chat with them about the school, or about college life in general.

Hope to see you at our physical open house soon!

Mr Pang Choon How
Principal, Hwa Chong Institution


Congratulations to all the IP, JAE, and DSA students for having completed a major milestone in your life! So, what’s in store for you next?

Understandably, some of you may have concerns about how you should chart your path. Having graduated from your secondary school not too long ago, choosing the next school that is the right fit for you and finding a community that you feel an attachment to is a crucial process. However, fret not! All of us here at Hwa Chong have been in the same position as you before. As you take the next few days to mull over your decision, allow us to introduce the school we know and love to you.

For us, Hwa Chong has become our home away from home. We walked into campus on our first day of school, all intimidated by an unfamiliar environment - however, our feelings of anxiety and uncertainty were dispelled by the staff and tutors who welcomed us with open arms. We are thankful for the multitude of enriching opportunities we have had and the unbreakable bonds we have forged here, and thus we can’t wait to share with you our Hwa Chong experience!

In January 2023, we warmly welcome all interested students and parents to join us in exploring the vast Hwa Chong campus and for an unforgettable day of fun! In addition, the Open House website also contains important information about life in Hwa Chong as well.

As your secondary school journey comes to a close, we hope that you are ready to venture into the next chapter of your life with us. Let Hwa Chong illuminate the spark and passion within you. We look forward to seeing you at Hwa Chong’s Open House in January 2023!

Lim Chong Zheng, Julia Wong, Teo Jin Yuan
2023 Open House Organising Committee

College Open House Events

Find out more about Hwa Chong through our Open House programmes!

Time Programme
Registration and School Tour
Register to receive an exclusive Open House folder (while stocks last)! While you’re there, approach our friendly tour guides for a tour of our sprawling campus.

Venues: Area outside Cafe, Area outside Auditorium
11.30am – 4pm Registration Booths
Tour Guide Booths
CCA Booths
Discover the plethora of CCAs offered in Hwa Chong and have your questions answered by CCA members themselves!

Timing: 11.30am – 4pm
Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) Volleyball
Track and Field
Table Tennis
College Hall Wushu
Chinese Society
Guitar Ensemble
String Ensemble
Symphonic Band
Chinese Orchestra
Ultimate Frisbee
Left Wing Astronomy Club
First Aid Club
Infocomm & Robotics Society (IRS)
Interact Club
Library Club
Publications Society
Studio Ardent
Right Wing OESC
Art Club
Touch Rugby
Water Polo
Inner Plaza Hwa Chong Students' Council
CCA Council
The Unique Hwa Chong Experience
Find out more about Hwa Chong from the perspective of the Principal and Students.

Venue: LT2
1pm – 2pm Principal's Address
2pm – 2.30pm Student Sharing
Special Programme Talks
Find out more about the various special programmes from our teachers-in-charge!

Venue: LT4
12pm - 12.30pm Science and Math Talent Programme – Gifted and Talented Education Programme
12.30pm - 1pm Humanities Programme
2pm - 2.30pm Computing Talent Programme
2.30pm - 3pm Art Elective Programme
3pm - 3.30pm Chinese Language and Elective Programme
3.30pm - 4pm Bicultural Studies Programme
Academics and Applications
Talk to our teachers and find out more about our curriculum and classroom experience!

Venue: Jing Xian Library
11.30am – 4pm Academic Booths & Consultations
11.30am – 4pm Student Development Booth (Students' National Education Council / CIP Council / Green Council)
Senior-Junior Tea Sessions
The Senior-Junior Tea session allows for prospective students to interact with their J2 seniors and learn more about the Hwa Chong experience from Hwa Chongians themselves.

Venues: Block A classrooms (A208, A209, A210)
12pm – 1pm Session 1
1pm – 2pm Session 2
2pm - 3pm Session 3
3pm - 4pm Session 4
CCA Performances
Keep your eyes glued for an enthralling showcase of performances throughout the day, put up by our talented CCAs and Student Committees.

Venue: Central Plaza (Wet Weather: Auditorium)
12pm – 12.30pm Wushu
12.30pm – 1pm MAD Chinese
Ares POP
1pm – 1.30pm Band
1.30pm – 2pm MAD Modern
Artemis POP
2pm – 2.30pm Chinese Orchestra
String Ensemble
2.30pm – 3pm MAD Street
Apollo POP
3pm – 3.30pm Judo
3.30pm – 4pm Athena POP