Hwa Chong assists her students to excel in more ways than one. Apart from our stellar academic achievements, our plethora of CCAs empower our students to achieve their full potential and live their aspirations, while embracing the values of passion and tenacity.

CCAs are a quintessential element in the life of a Hwa Chong student. With Hwa Chong’s extensive array of CCA programmes, you will be left spoilt for choice! Fret not, as there will always be a CCA for you!

Scroll down to see what CCAs Hwa Chong has to offer!

CCA List

groupsStudent Committees

CCA Council
CCA Council

So, you’ve been elected as a CCA Leader in Hwa Chong and you are excited to bring your CCA to greater heights and make the CCA community a more vibrant one… but how do you achieve this?

Look no further! Here at CCA Council, we oversee all things CCA-related, and our goal is to build Character, Culture and Continuity within the CCA community.

CCA is an important aspect of JC life and it is where many of us develop our passions, cultivate character and make lifelong friendships. To elevate the CCA experience for the student community, CCA Council organises CCA-based events, leadership training and other initiatives to boost your CCA lives!

Do you have a vision for the CCA community in Hwa Chong? If so, CCA Council is the perfect fit for you! We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 CCAC elections!

11th CCA Council

CIP Council
CIP Council

Are you interested in contributing to both your school and external community in a self-directed, enriching and fulfilling manner? If so, Hwa Chong’s CIP Council is the right fit for you!

CIP Council has spearheaded schoolwide projects such as Cause we Can (appreciation of migrant workers) and Cookies with a Cause (supporting persons with mild intellectual disability and autism) to inspire the larger student population to serve the community.

Apart from our own projects, we are given the opportunity to serve the school community as a student committee. Leveraging on our expertise on community service-related matters, CIP Councillors mentor student-initiated Service Learning Groups and source for individual volunteering opportunities for students.

Additionally, we also interact with the community by conducting our CCA CIP, where we volunteer as a batch at the Care Corner Senior Activity Centre in Toa Payoh every week.

We usually have CCA sessions on Thursdays, where we plan and execute various batch projects.

At CIP Council, our mission is to spread the culture of giving in Hwa Chong and to create a community of love and kindness. Hence, if this is something that resonates with you, we welcome you onboard to our CIPC family!

Green Council
Green Council

Comprised of many passionate, driven and motivated students, Green Council is dedicated to leading Hwa Chong towards a greener future!

We are given the platform and ability to turn ideas into reality. From pushing out green initiatives to implementing school wide changes, Green Council gives you many opportunities to make a difference in Hwa Chong.

We work through many platforms to encourage greener habits, such as our online video series: Worth It and Everyday Advocates, and our 2 annual flagship events: GreenCon and C&G Week.

Green Council is also able to push for school-wide, large-scale change, like

our Canteen Disposables Campaign that reduced plastic usage in the canteen through ther removal of plastic cutlery and straws.

Furthermore, we run and manage the Thrift Shop and Butterfly Garden in Hwa Chong. Thrift Shop encourages the buying of secondhand goods to reduce fast fashion and wastage, while Butterfly Garden allows students to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.

If you have a passion for the environment, want to spark change in Hwa Chong and meet like-minded peers along the way, Green Council invites you on our journey to make Hwa Chong greener!

Students' Council
Students' Council

Hey there! We’re the 49th Hwa Chong Students’ Council (HCSC).

We are 48 passionate Councillors who have been elected by the student body. The Council comprises the Executive Committee, and the five Standing Committees. No committee is alike, but all are equally indispensable in the day-to-day functionings of the Council.

Since its inception in 1973, the Council has strived to make the JC experience a blast for everyone, and Hwa Chong a home for all. We want to be the voice that represents you—the students.

How? Beyond planning Hwa Chong’s 7 annual flagship events, we also stay connected with students, both past and present, through our social media page @HCUnite, and website. You might also see us leading or teaching SODACHE—elements of school spirit conceived by generations of seniors who walked this campus before us. At the end of the day, we hope to help forge our shared Hwa Chong identity in this vibrant community that we call home.

The HCSC—by students, for students.

We don't just do, we do good.

Students’ National Education Council
Students’ National Education Council

The Students’ National Education Council (SNEC) provides you with the opportunity to organize an exciting repertoire of events that allow you to step out of your comfort zone!

Every year, we plan and execute 4 core NE events — Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day, International Friendship Month, and National Day. These events aim to foster a sense of national identity, and strengthen ties amongst students and the wider community. We also hope to spark change by engaging the student population in various dialogues, through our in-house “Our Hwa Chong Conversations” and through the facilitations of Ministerial Dialogues.

More than just a CCA, SNEC is the coming together of like-minded individuals who work together collaboratively. So, if you want to grow as a leader and organize various NE events, join SNEC today!

brushVisual & Performing Arts

Chinese Orchestra
Chinese Orchestra

HCCO is a fun-loving CCA for students passionate about Chinese instrumental music. We aim to uphold our tradition of excellence and to evolve and adapt to changing times by exploring new genres while still maintaining our Chinese instrumental heritage.

Members get the chance to put up performances within the school, outside of school, and even overseas before COVID-19. Since its founding, our Orchestra has been taking part in the biennial SYF Competition. We have also actively performed in school events such as the annual Open House, Chinese New Year Celebrations, Mid Autumn Festival, and our biennial concert. This provides us with opportunities to hone our musicians’ calibre and promote a greater appreciation for Chinese music.

We are a bonded family of music enthusiasts who wish to pass down the joy of music-making to every new batch of juniors. We strongly encourage experienced members to join, and are also open to members with and without music backgrounds! Our friendly instructors will be present to ensure you get the most out of your experience here! Check our instagram @hcco_chineseorchestra for the latest updates!


Welcome to Choir, or as you say it backwards, rioHC! At rioHC, we emphasise inculcating teamwork and resilience in our members, so as to provide a welcoming environment for all. rioHC is supported by our wonderful teachers-in-charge, Mr Colin Loy and Mr Alexander Ho Cheok Meng, along with our experienced resident conductor, Ms Lim Ai Hooi, who ensures the smooth running of choir sessions. We have CCA on Mondays, 4-7 p.m., and Wednesdays, 3-6 p.m., during which we learn music theory, aural, rhythm, pitching and countless of interesting and unique songs!

Joining rioHC is more than simply joining a CCA. It is becoming a part of the Hwa Chong choir family. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, to make your JC life fruitful and fun. We welcome everyone, with or without musical backgrounds! So, what are you waiting for? Join our rioHC family and look forward to performing at events like Chinese New Year, National Day, Arts Fest and the Singapore Youth Festival! You might even have the chance to perform at the Esplanade or go carolling at Gardens by the Bay during your time here!

English Literature, Drama, Debate & Film Society
English Literature, Drama, Debate & Film Society

Do you love binge-watching films, or writing angsty poems in your free time? Or perhaps, you have a flair for winning every argument and reciting emotional monologues? We welcome you to the English Literature Drama Debate and Film Society (ELDDFS), where passion meets creativity.

ELDDFS comprises four wings – namely, Literature, Drama, Debate and Film. As distinct as they may sound, our CCA emphasises collaboration, to harness the best of what each wing can bring to the table.

Under the guidance of our Drama and Debate coaches, we ensure that our members are always learning and exploring. Of course, we also offer numerous opportunities for originality and self-directed projects, especially for Lit and Film.

Our main flagship event is Camp Re:ACT!, an annual day-camp for teens in Singapore, where we push like-minded peers to venture beyond our classrooms through immersing themselves in the Arts. Beyond this, we have smaller-scale wing events and activities: Lit’s publications and poetry commissions, Drama’s upcoming production, Debate’s stimulating competitions and Film’s student-directed Filmfeste.

If you’re looking for a diverse community built on a common love for language and the Arts, ELDDFS is the perfect place for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

Guitar Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble

The Hwa Chong Guitar Ensemble is a Niibori guitar ensemble comprising five sections: Alto 1, Alto 2, Prime, Bass and CBG (contrabass and guitarron). From the clear high notes of the alto to the rich low sounds of the guitarron, we play with passion and finesse, bringing life to each musical piece that we perform.

Led by our conductor, Mr Ow Leong San, we play a variety of repertoires, ranging from classical music to Original Sound Tracks (OST) or even original mashups of different songs arranged by Mr Ow. Over the years, we have obtained many notable achievements in the Singapore Youth Festival and Guitar Ensemble Festival. As a tight-knitted ensemble comprising like-minded individuals with a strong passion for music, our members have various opportunities to hone their craft and learn from one another. We perform regularly at our annual Tsubasa concert and other annual school events like the Teachers' Day Concert.

So if HCGE strikes a chord with you, do sign up for our open sessions and we look forward to having you join our guitar family!

Music and Dance
Music and Dance

Interested in dance? Join MAD and develop your passions in either Chinese, Modern or Street dance.

Here at MAD, dancers are provided ample opportunities and a safe space to learn both the hard and soft skills of dance. During our CCA sessions, we train the fundamentals of our respective genres, through the exploration of both the techniques and artistry of each genre. Furthermore, we hone our performative skills which builds confidence in our dancers.

Our Chinese division is under the guidance of Ms Xiao Jing, an accomplished dancer and choreographer, who has produced outstanding results. Our Modern division is led by Mr Dan Kwoh, an award winning contemporary dance choreographer. Our Street division trains under An An, a resident choreographer and Hip Hop instructor from the renowned dance company O School.

Though we train as three separate divisions, MAD is a tight-knitted family, where dancers learn and grow together as one MAD. Through the many opportunities we have to get to know and bond with each other, the MAD family builds inter-divisional learning opportunities, while ensuring that every dancer is cared for.

Come join us to discover the dancer within you. We can’t wait to welcome you into our MAD family!

String Ensemble
String Ensemble

Hey C1s! Have you yearned to be a part of a body of devoted individuals with an ardent love for music? If so, Hwa Chong String Ensemble (HCSE) is the CCA for you!

Led by our conductor Mr Lin Juan, HCSE explores a marvelous miscellany of music, ranging from classical pieces to arrangements of popular songs today! Our enthusiasm for music has led us to perform in both local and international contexts, and even extends to virtual grounds. Events such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), our biennial concerts and various intra-school performance opportunities, including teachers’ day and the Mid Autumn Festival (MAF), are milestones that we regularly work towards, amongst the multitude of other performance opportunities.

Typically, CCA sessions are held twice a week. First, we have tutti, where the ensemble practices together under the direction of Mr Lin. Second, we have sectionals, in which we practice in our sections. These sessions are led either by members of the ensemble, or under the guidance of sectional tutors.

HCSE is a harmonious group of individuals who share the same fervent passion for both playing and listening to music. We hope to have you join us on our journey!

Symphonic Band
Symphonic Band

Sweet, warm and round. Bright, brilliant and clear. Each note carries a tone and a colour we use to paint our vivid soundscape. At HCBand, we strive to surface the emotions within sultry, passionate tangos, graceful and gentle waltzes and heart-wrenching climaxes. At the core, we are a tight-knit community making music together in our band room.

Under the baton of Mr Darence Leng and the guidance of our various sections' tutors, we learn and apply music theory. Every Monday and Wednesday, the sounds of our diverse range of instruments come together seamlessly to play a vast repertoire, ranging from soundtracks to pop song medleys.

We showcase our efforts in school concerts like our National Day Concert, our biannual show Capriccio and, of course, the Singapore Youth Art Festival Competition. This is where we strive for musical excellence as a band.

If you seek comfort in music or want to learn a new skill, join us at HCBand! We welcome anybody who can appreciate and enjoy music, regardless of musical experience.

Join us for a fun-filled and enlightening journey from your first note to your final bow.

Huang Cheng 黄城
Huang Cheng 黄城

黄城夜韵 (An Evening of Drama), the annual production of our drama wing dating back to 1982, is the hallmark of student-directed theatrical plays in Singapore. A flagship event in the annual school calendar, we perform at professional theatres such as NLB Theatre, Victoria Theatre and NUS University Cultural Centre.

The work put into professional theatre productions extends beyond what is seen onstage. There are also multiple aspects offstage that complement each other before our final performance. Preserving the nature of theatrical plays, 黄城 comprises 12 departments with varying responsibilities, namely 票务,摄影,宣传,化妆,音效,灯光,服装,道具,演员,司仪,导督,and 行政. Every year, our 100-man-strong team toils hard to present entertaining and thought-provoking plays to the school and public.

Even though 黄城 comprises many departments, each and every one of us are able to come together to put up a production that we can be proud of. Furthermore, no theatrical experience is required. So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to experience how it feels to be an invaluable part of a memorable theatre journey!


From novice to veteran songwriters, WeYoung welcomes all who have a passion for music of any genre. Our fun and engaging CCA sessions range from songwriting workshops to group collaboration. Through building on each others’ ideas and feedback sessions with our knowledgeable teacher mentor, our compositions are elevated both lyrically and musically.

CCA sessions are conducted in the music room in High School, where a smorgasbord of instruments and equipment are available. Equipment is free to use for recording and performing, allowing our members to fully realise their creative potential.

There are also many platforms to acknowledge our members’ quality works. One such example is our annual school-wide competition 《写一首歌给你》, organised and executed by WeYoung J1s. On the national level, members are able to participate in prestigious competitions such as《新空下》,《SG:SW 我写我的歌》and《心情溶剂 The Dream Composition》, where our members have achieved top awards.

Every song begins with a spark, and we hope that WeYoung can ignite yours into songs close to your heart.

Chuangxian 创贤
Chuangxian 创贤

From amateurs to professional debaters, Chuangxian welcomes all who are passionate about Chinese debate.

With thought-provoking discourse on pertinent issues and mind-blowing mini debate competitions, our CCA sessions not only broaden our general knowledge of various topics, but also cultivate critical and analytical thinking skills that are of paramount importance in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world.

Fun-filled and enlightening, each weekly session of 2 hours concludes with insightful feedback from our veteran debate coach, whose expertise and experience help sharpen our mastery of debating skills and boost our confidence in articulating our opinions.

Beyond regular sessions, ChuangXian annually hosts school-wide competitions such as 德馨杯 and nationwide competitions such as 创贤杯, where our members have a chance to challenge themselves on a larger stage and reach greater heights through experiential learning. To ensure that every member in ChuangXian has sufficient opportunities to debate as a team, ChuangXian also organizes 小小创贤杯, a competition where all our members can form teams of 4 and debate with one another.

With so many opportunities readily available, what are you waiting for? 来创贤感受辩论的美妙吧!

favoriteService & Enrichment


Welcome to HCAstro!

HCAstronomy Club was first set up in 1986 when a group of students decided to come together to observe Halley’s comet passing by.

And after 37 years of operation, we continue to share our love for astronomy with others through collaborations with other CCAs.

Our CCA sessions are held on Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 5:00pm and Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. On Wednesdays, we learn about various aspects of the astronomy, from stars to galaxies to our very own solar system, you name it! Our weekly stargazing sessions are held every Thursday, where our members come together to observe and bond under the exquisite night sky.

Our club also participates in several annual competitions such as the Singapore Astronomy Olympiad and AstroChallenge. Throughout the years, we have maintained stellar results. In 2022, HCI came in overall 1st Runner-up and attained Best Observation.

Apart from participating in astronomical events, we have organised our own events such as Night Under The Stars (NUTS) and Astrordinary, where we conduct activities for secondary school students interested in astronomy.

Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Calligraphy

Are you looking for a CCA that is super enriching, relaxing and fun? Do you think your Chinese handwriting is ugly and want to improve it? If so, Chinese Calligraphy will be the perfect CCA for you!

We have CCA sessions every Wednesday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm at B107. During your time here, you will learn to write in different fonts (楷书,行书…) on papers of different sizes and forms (大中堂,条幅,扇子…).

除了日常练习, 我们还有丰富的活动和比赛等着你参加!每年春节的挥春活动中, 你可以发挥想象力,创作属于自己独一无二的春联并售卖给全校师生;各式各样的校外书法比赛也将是你大显身手的好机会!


First Aid Club
First Aid Club

In Hwa Chong, we often say 4 Facs, 1 Hwach, but did you know that there is actually another Fac? Well, that’s us, First Aid Club (FAC)! We are a Service CCA, and we contribute to the school and the community, through the provision of First Aid coverage at events and the offering of First Aid Kit rental and refill services.

Your two years in JC will be a hectic journey: our once-a-week sessions promise to ease your experience here. But this doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality of our training. Our engaging sessions will imbue essential life-saving skills. Worried that it’ll be too much theory and memorisation? Well, fret not — our trainings will include hands-on practice, such as bandaging, and a plethora of thrilling activities and bonding games that you can take part in together with your newfound best friends from FAC!

These sessions will culminate in First Aid certification for all members. You’ll then get to experience exciting scenarios when your skills are put to the test during competitions. Besides, you’ll now have the mighty power to rescue someone’s life during public duty sessions (or anytime, to be honest).

Join us now to become one of Hwa Chong’s life-saving superheroes!

Humanities and Current Affairs Society
Humanities and Current Affairs Society

If you want to ignite your passion for the humanities, and expand your horizons, the Humanities and Current Affairs Society (HACAS) is perfect for you!

Under the common thread of a journey through the humanities, our range of exciting activities explore topics from ancient military tactics, to rainforests in the Caribbean. Our myriad of activities include everything from fieldwork sessions, humanities quizbowls, strategy games, dialogue sessions with distinguished academics, to external and self-organised field trips. These activities are jointly planned by our four wings— History, Current Affairs, Model United Nations (MUN) and Geography, with combined sessions amongst all wings once a week!

Not to mention, members can even participate in various intellectually stimulating competitions such as MUNs (eg. Harvard WorldMUN, Singapore MUN, NUS Chancellor’s Challenge Shield, International History Bee and Bowl, and International Geography Bee.

Apart from competitions, we also focus on empowering our members. You’ll have various leadership opportunities in directing not only our landmark interdisciplinary event, the annual Hwa Chong Conflict Resolution Inquiry (HCCRI), as well as various community service initiatives!

HACAS is a wholly student-led CCA, for the students, by the students. So why not join us in 2023, on a journey around the world and back again?

Interact Club
Interact Club

There isn’t an exact way to put everything that HCInteract is into words, because service—as our passion—does not have boundaries.

Interact is a group of 40 students who are passionate in contributing to our community. Apart from regular community service sessions with our six beneficiaries such as Beyond Social Services and Pertapis Children's Home, we also engage in other ad-hoc service opportunities and outreach events. Some of these activities include the Christmas block party at Tembusu Senior Activity Centre, and Service Learning Summit, which reached out to over 100 students to build their empathy for prominent social issues in Singapore.

Moreover, we seek to advance international understanding through initiatives like the Asia Clean Project. We worked with over 80 students from Nepali Girls High School in Darjeeling, India, which faces serious issues with plastic pollution, to cultivate good recycling habits.

Driven by our motto of “Service above Self”, Interactors learn from and serve with one another, forging long-lasting connections within our respective Interact Groups, across the club, and with those whom we serve.

If you have an open mind, a zeal for service, and a willingness to lead, we’re excited to have you in our 39th batch of Interactors!

Infocomm & Robotics Society (IRS)
Infocomm & Robotics Society


Instagram: @hcirs

If you're interested in joining IRS, indicate your interest at!

With innovation and dedication, Hwa Chong Infocomm and Robotics Society (HCIRS) has had the honour of representing Singapore in prestigious international competitions like the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), Cyber SEA Games and RoboCup.

We pride ourselves on self-directed learning without external trainers, and are heavily involved with cloud computing competitions and IT commissions from the school. Members spend CCA time working on projects, learning, or preparing for competitions.

HCIRS comprises five sections: Competitive Programming, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, WebApp and Robotics.

In Competitive Programming, we hone our problem-solving skills for competitions like Google Code Jam and the National Olympiad in Informatics.

Our Cybersecurity section nurtures white-hat hackers, participating in Capture-the-Flag Competitions to sharpen our skills.

Our Web/App section tinkers with cloud solutions and platforms, and we participate in competitions to test our skills. We also collaborate with other organisations to develop solutions and websites.

In Machine Learning, we explore the exciting world of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, equipping ourselves with skills to build AI models.

Our Robotics section has the honour of being the only school-based robotics club in Singapore that specialises across three major robotics competitions — RoboCup, VEX and LEGO.

Library Club
Library Club

The Library Club aims to serve the school in the management of our distinguished Jing Xian Library, in order for both the students and staff alike to enjoy a fulfilling experience. Our main aims are to further promote the usage of library resources, as well as make the library a more vibrant learning community.

During CCA sessions, we prepare for upcoming activities through brainstorming and planning. Some of the activities we have had a hand in include the designing of library signages, as well as the setting up of a relax corner, where library users can enjoy light readings with comfortable bean bags. More information about the various activities we have carried out can be found on our Instagram page @hci_library_club.

The Library Week is our flagship event, which is a week of fun-filled themed activities aimed at engaging students and promoting good reading habits. Every year, we have a wide array of interesting activities lined up just for that week, from game booths to writing contests.

Do check out our CCA if you have an interest in reading, organizing events, doing publicity work, and a flair for designing!


Hwa Chong Mindsports is home to three different mind games namely, International Chess, Chinese Chess and Contract Bridge. In all 3 sections, members are constantly pushed to improve and strive to go beyond their best. In Mindsports, we aim to build a place where people are able to challenge their cognitive abilities while also fostering lasting bonds with their peers.

Our CCA sessions are filled with rigorous yet fun and meaningful activities, with our dedicated coaches guiding us along every step of the way. On top of that, all members can participate in numerous competition opportunities throughout the year to pit our skills against participants from other institutions.

We also conduct annual events that aim to develop our members holistically.

As one of the CCAs with the highest membership rate, we comprise students coming from different backgrounds who share the commonality of strong-will and passion for the game. Hence, fret not if you do not have significant prior experience, if you have the will and interest to learn, Mindsports is the place for you to go beyond your fullest potential! To learn what it means to be a part of us, join us for our open training sessions!

Studio Ardent
Studio Ardent

A photo speaks a thousand words, but what can be spoken of those behind the camera? At Studio Ardent, passionate voices with a shared fervour for media endeavours await you!

Studio Ardent is a Service and Enrichment CCA actively contributing to major school events through PA/AVA, Videography and Photography services, bestowing ample opportunities for members to partake in said events. Being self-run, we conduct CCA on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, where the Executive Committee holds professional training sessions to adequately prepare members. Rest assured that prior experience is not required, we welcome all with open arms!

The Ardent experience also highly values diverse artistic expression. Members have avenues to form production teams and produce works ranging from photography essays to documentaries. These projects will commence outside official CCA duty hours under the Executive Committee’s mentorship over the C1 year.

Members get access to an extensive inventory of photographic equipment, which includes Canon and Nikon full-frame DSLRs, ultra-wide-angle lenses as well as monolights for studio work.

If you have a passion for learning about photography or PA/AVA or wish to capture special moments of your peers, then Studio Ardent is the CCA for you!

Students' Science Research Club
Students' Science Research Club

The Student's Science Research Club (SSRC) is a place for like-minded individuals to interact and bond over their shared interests in science and research!

The International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) is SSRC’s flagship event. Featuring many Nobel Laureates and eminent scientists, ISYF has brought together scientifically-talented delegates globally for 15 consecutive years. One of Hwa Chong’s two key events, ISYF involves Dialogues and Masterclasses with leading scientists, visits to research facilities, enthralling scientific projects, and so much more. All our members will have already secured the prized opportunity to lead this globally-recognised event as Facilitators and members of the six Organising Committees, to represent Hwa Chong in this prestigious international event.

Join our science sharings, interactive activities and Jeopardy game shows every Wednesday afternoon to further your passion for research! With a wide range of exciting programmes such as live Meet-The-Scientist sessions with eminent researchers, as well as movie screenings to unwind after a long school day, we are sure to find an activity for you.

If you have a strong passion for science and research, and if you are looking to find a bonded, fun-loving and lively CCA, we look forward to welcoming you as our juniors!

Art Club
Art Club

Art Club is a small, close knit community of student artists, where members are given opportunities to share their expertise, learn many different art mediums and regularly hone their aesthetic abilities with others through our Teach-N-Learn sessions.

We also contribute to the school community through Design Requests for apparels, banners, cards and many more. Art Club also gives back to the community through hosting art-related activities for beneficiaries.

Furthermore, there are opportunities for members to visit art galleries and outdoor sketching as a breath of fresh air and bonding experience.

In the coming year, we are also looking forward to resuming Art Fest, as a collaboration with other art related CCAs!

Even if you aren’t the most confident in your art skills, don’t hesitate to join us! There’s always room to grow and we look forward to seeing what you can achieve! Please contact us through our Instagram page @hcartclub2022 to find out more!

CCA Session Timings

Wednesday, 3pm-5.30pm
(Additional time outside of regular sessions may be needed to complete Design Requests)


Passion, interest and basic competency in various art mediums, especially digital illustration, as well as a willingness to teach your art-related skills to CCA members.

Publications Society
Publications Society

HCPS encourages aspiring writers in Hwa Chong to showcase their journalistic skills and develop their proficiency in writing by exploring journalism.

We are responsible for producing school-wide publications such as the Yearbook, Inspiring Excellence and the HC Insights magazine. Writers interview various stakeholders involved in organizing school events and attaining different accomplishments. We create insightful articles that document these timeless events and celebrate the various Hwa Chong achievements.

In addition to these school publications, we have also rolled out a few of our initiatives, which include our very own Hwa Chong Press website - HC Herald, where writers have the freedom to write on topics that they are passionate about. Additionally, we have just started our new podcast initiative - HC Podcast!

During our usual CCA sessions, members attend informative workshops conducted by alumni, conduct sharing sessions, or jointly work on various writing projects. We also participate in different competitions, such as the Write the World competitions. These activities encourage members to broaden their perspectives and gain insight into new genres of writing.

In HCPS, members are provided a safe space to openly share individual viewpoints and holistically develop their skills as writers and journalists. Join us and discover the joy of writing!

Outdoor Education Students' Club
Outdoor Education Students' Club

The Outdoor Education Students’ Club (OESC) engages in an exciting array of activities such as trekking, climbing, kayaking, cycling, pioneering and more! We also organise large-scale events like the inter-school Outdoor Education Forum and intra-school Outlast and H.O.M.E. initiatives. As COVID restrictions finally ease, you'll get the opportunity to go on an overseas trip too!

A small but mighty close-knit batch of 16, we are tied together by our common love for the great outdoors. It is our hope to share this very love with others, all while gaining confidence in both hard and soft skills ourselves.

With our sessions being largely self-initiated, planned and directed, every member gets the opportunity to exercise their autonomy in defining and building the CCA; to grow as leaders through being ICs and facilitators for various activities and events.

​Don’t worry if it all sounds a little daunting! Your batchmates will be alongside you every step of the way. Together, there’s no limit as to what can be accomplished – take it from us: the satisfaction felt with each CCA session or event successfully pulled off is unparalleled.

Lastly, a fun fact: 2 CCAs with rich traditions – Tahan Mountaineering Club and Outdoor Adventure Club – were merged to form OESC! In 2023, we will welcome our 9th batch of OESC members. If you love the outdoors too, come join our warm and dynamic family!

sports_basketballSports & Games


The Hwa Chong Badminton Team is a relatively small family of about 35 girls and boys. While we have separate girls and boys teams, both teams train together and foster a shared passion for the sport.

Training is held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after lessons, whereas during the holidays, training is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can expect to work on your basics with various drills and multiples, and hone advanced cutting and toppling techniques during these game sessions held during trainings. Hwa Chong Badminton is a close-knit family and we push each other towards a common goal. If you are ready and willing to strive towards this goal with us, do consider signing up for the badminton CCA trials, and prepare to have a smashing good time!


Thinking of joining a sports CCA but not sure which one to go for? Well, if you wanna be part of not just a CCA, but a family that stands by you through thick and thin, then HCBB is the right choice for you!

Here at HCBB, we provide a holistic experience as we improve physically and build character through training. With state-of-the-art facilities and prestigious opportunities, HCBB is definitely equipped to aid student-athletes in expanding their horizons and enriching their lives.

Our weekly programme includes 3 court training sessions (3 hours each), and 1 gym session (1 hour). Guided by professionally trained teachers and coaches, our court training allows us to master fundamentals and execute strategic plays. Gym sessions also help us achieve our peak physical capabilities, thereby enhancing our performance on the court.

Every HCBB member finishes their experience with a sense of achievement and improved character. So why wait? Join the HCBB family as we discover the wonderful journey that lies ahead.

Canoeing (Boys)
Canoeing (Boys)

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Are you game for a challenge? Look no further, canoeing is the one for you!

Hey juniors! We are Hwa Chong Canoeing, a CCA which has enjoyed decades of rich history and is one of Hwa Chong’s most prestigious sports teams. Here at HCanoe, you can look forward to gliding on the waters of Singapore, and seeing the world through an entirely different lens. In our Hcanoe family, you can forge lifelong friendships with your teammates, who will stand by you through thick and thin. With access to world-class equipment and experienced coaches, HCanoe has everything you need to be the best version of yourself!

We hope YOU can join and carry the torch forward!

TL;DR: Join HCanoe to:

a) Get fit

b) Have fun and develop yourself

c) Make friends!

Ready to brave the seas? See you at our Open House! Check out our Instagram page @h.canoe and our budding High School page @hwa.chuan.

Canoeing (Girls)
Canoeing (Girls)

Hwa Chong Canoeing. Experience, journey, family — it’s hard to put a finger on any one characteristic that defines HCanoe, because there’s an unparalleled richness to this team that we’ve come to hold close to our hearts. Beyond just a CCA, canoeing is a lifestyle. Embracing challenges, pushing our limits and achieving excellence. It requires discipline, tenacity and rigour. Yet, it is precisely these that make it all worthwhile.

Canoeing is arguably one of the most therapeutic sports Hwa Chong has to offer — slicing through the tranquil waters of Macritchie as the sun gradually illuminates the sky is truly as cathartic as it gets. The camaraderie of being part of a team is a bond like no other. Canoeing is a sport that rewards hard work and resilience. It teaches you valuable life lessons beyond the classroom.

Have no prior sports experience? Neither did most of us joining the girls team. As long as you are willing to try, willing to strive and willing to fight, we warmly welcome you to the HCanoe family.

Do check out our instagram pages @hcanoegirls and @h.canoe.


Ever wanted to try a sport that combines physical agility, strength and technique, while challenging you mentally? Look no further: HCFencing has it all!!

As our name suggests, HCFencing is a one stop place for all things fencing! Fencing is a multidisciplinary combat sport that challenges one both physically and mentally. Consisting of 3 weapons, epee, foil and sabre, our CCA promises endless excitement and never a moment of boredom!

As a bonded family of individuals, we strive to make our CCA sessions the most enjoyable they can be, through supporting each other, teaching and learning from each other to become the best version of ourselves. The team’s culture nurtures members to delve deeper past simply sharpening our fencing skills, which is only the tip of the iceberg, for we also embrace growths in mindsets and character.

HCFencing welcomes people from all walks of life— prior experience is not required to join our family, as long as you’re driven and passionate to try your best, we want you!! What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Football (Boys)
Football (Boys)

Have you ever played football with your friends in the past? Are you tired of always getting destroyed? Well look no further! We are Hwa Chong Football and we are the CCA for you if you want a fun JC experience playing as a team on the field.

Before we gear up for nationals that typically start in April, we’ll usually have training 3 times a week from 4.30pm to 7.00pm. Our training sessions include various drills such as dribbling, ‘rondo’, shooting, passing and transition drills. As we approach the competition session, we have extra training and tactical analysis sessions to work on our game as a team.

With COVID-19 restrictions and the cancellation of nationals in 2021, we also spiced up our training with our very own Hwa Chong Premier League where we played 4v4 matches in a round-robin fashion, resembling how group stages of competition may be played!

To us, football is more than a game; it is a family, a way of life.

Football (Girls)
Football (Girls)

"Football is, simply put, poetry in motion."

Are you looking for a CCA that can keep you fit? Always wanted to join a sports CCA that forges life-long bonds and build camaraderie?

Well, Hwa Chong Football is your answer!

If you’re thinking that football is boring or isn’t for you, that’s where you’re wrong! Let us show you why football is the most popular sport in the world.

​Whether or not you’ve played football before or are simply a diehard fan of the game, we accept anyone with interest and the right attitude, regardless of experience.

Through training and playing matches, not only will we share joy and laughter, but also shed blood, sweat and tears together.

We also get to train at our stylish AstroTurf with cool equipment to spice up trainings! This is why joining our team will definitely give you an experience of a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Come down and try your foot at football today!


Have you ever come across action movie scenes where the main character effortlessly throws a villain onto the ground and you go “Wow! That’s SO COOL!”?

Have you ever wanted to try these throws? Look no further because Hwa Chong Judo is right here for you!

Judo, 柔道, otherwise known as “The Gentle Way”, involves both standing and ground techniques. Some of these techniques include throws, pins, chokes and armlocks. Contrary to popular belief, there is no kicking or punching in Judo!

Hwa Chong Judo was established in 1990, and throughout the years, we have evolved to become strong contenders in the annual National School Games. In 2022, we attained championships in the A, B and C divisions. Led by our Head Coach, Mr Tang Soon Onn, we strive to push ourselves to our limits and reach greater heights.

If one word could be used to describe our team, it would be “family”. Our team’s strong sense of camaraderie keeps us going even when times get tough, motivating us to endure tough trainings that strengthen us physically and mentally.

Interested in joining our family? Check out our Instagram at @hc.judo for more details about open trials!


Hwa Chong Netball is more than just a CCA. It is a part of school that feels like home. This is where camaraderie is formed, where you find people who have got your backs and where pain and joy is shared.

A regular training session begins with various warm-up drills before the technical skills training segment. We end our trainings with court games and debrief sessions. After trainings, you can look forward to memorable team dinners and bonding sessions. It is the perfect form of escapism and relaxation after a long day in school.

At HCNB, it is all about building strong team dynamics and forging friendships that last a lifetime. Besides netball skills, each of us grow as individuals. Through the ups and the downs, we move forward together as one CCA, one team, one family and we leave no one behind.


Hwa Chong Institution’s Shooting Teams are committed to working hard and striving to do our best in training sessions and in competitions. Our CCA focuses on 2 main Shooting events, the 10-metre air rifle and the 10-metre air pistol event. Riflers wear a specialised suit and boots to improve stability, while pistolers only use the boots.

A typical session at HCShooting starts off with 举枪 (endurance training), followed by a dry firing session, before ending the day off with a much-awaited live-firing session. Training hours are extremely flexible, as the range is open Monday to Friday from 2.30 to 6.30pm. As long as you meet the minimum training requirement of 3 sessions per week, you are free to choose the days that best suit your schedule.

Shooting is a vibrant CCA which teaches an individual to handle difficult situations, especially when things go south. We know that no matter what happens, the team’s got our backs and the only way forward is to improve.


Passionate about working together as a team to grow as a person? Look no further, softball is the sport for you! Here at Hwa Chong Softball, we value teamwork, sportsmanship and quick thinking. We take pride in succeeding both on and off the field, as we use the skills we learn on the field in our daily lives. As a CCA, we never give up on each other or on ourselves. Our coaches and teachers not only take the responsibility of educating us as ballplayers, but also place emphasis on character development so that we leave Hwa Chong as better people.

We have gym sessions every Monday, keeping us physically fit for the game, and field training every Tuesday and Thursday, giving us the opportunity to work on our game individually and as a team. We also occasionally hold intra-team scrimmages so as to facilitate batch bonding and to allow us to put what we have learnt into an actual game setting.

Additionally, as much as we value the sport, we also hope to give back to our community. Softball has its own SL project titled “Project Meatball”, which aims to raise awareness on food insecurity and wastage in Singapore.

Table Tennis
Table Tennis

Do you enjoy playing table tennis with your friends or during your free time? Do you think you have good ball sense? If so, Hwa Chong Table Tennis is the right CCA for you!

The HCTT team is a small, tight-knit family that trains 2-3 times a week. Every training session, we start off by warming up, followed by drills training to enhance our skills, and we end off with exciting friendly matches (singles/doubles) against each other! We also participate in Physical Training (PT) and gym sessions to improve our strength and agility.

Apart from training, we look forward to frequent team meals and activities like karaoke to strengthen our bonds and foster greater camaraderie!

Trained by well-known coaches, both the HCTT boys and girls team never fail to deliver outstanding performances during the National School Games, constantly reaching the finals. In the recent NSGs, our Boys and Girls team attained 2nd and 1st place respectively! Despite our stellar results, we still strive to constantly better ourselves and attain breakthroughs personally and for the team.

If you are interested in joining us and playing a part in our journey, the HCTT family warmly welcomes you! Come join us now!


What do you look for in a CCA? Could it be the opportunity to compete and bring glory to the school? Maybe it’s the chance to be part of something bigger than yourself. Or perhaps it’s the long-lasting friendships that you forge along the way.

Hi juniors! If you are looking for a chance to represent the school, push your limits and be part of a big and bonded family, Hwa Chong Taekwondo is the CCA for you!

Enriching training sessions with the prospect of competing at the national level and opportunities to bond with both your batchmates and seniors are sure to add that bit of fun and excitement to your JC life!

With years of brilliant performances in competitions under our belt, Hwa Chong Taekwondo strives for excellence in whatever we aim to accomplish

As we work hard to retain our double champs title for the fifth straight year running, we hope that some of you would undertake this challenge along with us

Do you think you have what it takes to keep this streak alive? If you do, make no mistake, we would love to have you on board!


Are you looking for a CCA that is rewarding and will give you a challenge? Are you looking for a team that will have yoru back both during training and outside of training? Do you find tennis a captivating sport and want to improve your tennis skills? If your answer is yes to the questions above, then HC Tennis is for you!

On-court, we’re definitely training hard, and at first glance, HCT may seem like another sports CCA working towards the next National School Games. However, our CCA is much more than that. Whether it’s just simple team dinners after training, or camps, and outings to the beach, we always have fun together. We work and play hard (both on-court and off-court!) and we always make sure to enjoy ourselves!

Our team is an incredibly bonded one, constantly motivating each other to work hard to reach our goals. Ultimately, this is a closely knit group that we can really call family. Whether it’s during important matches or regular training, we always make sure to support each other.

Our trainings take place 2-3 times a week at the tennis courts. We hope to see you in 2023!

Touch Rugby
Touch Rugby

The all-female Hwa Chong Touch Rugby team is made up of dedicated players who all are driven towards self-improvement.

As a team sport, HC Trug empowers each individual by providing every team member with equal chances and opportunities to contribute to the team, where every member is important. Collectively, all of us work to continually improve our sporting abilities, moral character and academic performance. We strive to cultivate an encouraging culture and to never leave anybody behind.

Here is an example of a typical training session:

Before our coach Karen arrives, we warm up first. The next step is to learn new strategies or review existing ones. We also perform rigorous exercises that improve our fitness as we polish our fundamentals. In the latter stages of training, we compete against one another in games where we use the strategies we've learned to improve our gameplay. Next, in small teams, we play mini-matches against one another toward the end of the session to practice using the techniques we have learned and to improve team communication and cohesion. Finally, we typically have team meals following our training sessions where we create cherished experiences as a team.

Without a doubt, HC Trug is more than just a CCA; we are a close-knit family that supports one another through successes and failures, both on and off the field.

Track & Field
Track & Field

Picture this. You are seated in the call room of the National Stadium, waiting to be called upon. Your heart is racing a million miles an hour as you step onto the track. The thunderous cheers from a sea of red and yellow reaches a crescendo, but the pounding of your heart seems to drown all of it out.

The atmosphere is electrifying.

Adrenaline courses through your veins as you ready yourself to deliver the performance of your lifetime. All your hard work over the past year has culminated in this final jump, throw or perhaps a mere 12.5 laps around the track.

The Hwa Chong Track and Field (HCTF) team has had a long history of success, having established itself as a household name within the nation and dominating top positions year after year. Consisting of experienced coaches and diverse events including jumps, sprints, throws, and walks, HCTF is a CCA which aims to inculcate a strong team spirit and create a close knitted family.

"No human is limited." - Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest marathoner of all-time. If you believe in your potential, let it shine through you. We strongly welcome anyone who has a burning passion aflame in them.

Feel your heart racing? What are you waiting for? Just do it. Join us now.

Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate Frisbee

Are you looking for an adrenaline-packed CCA? Do you want to be part of a spirited and bonded team? Well, Ultimate Frisbee is the CCA for you! The Ultimate community is made up of players with the same passion and undeniable love for the game. We are the living embodiment of a team sport, training and competing together till the final whistle blows. Ultimate requires both strategy and athleticism. When you're on the field, we assure you that it will be as exhilarating as a sport can get. The focus in everyone’s eyes as a huck goes out, the suspense as players sky each other and ‘fly’ for that disc, all that creates an atmosphere that cannot be rivalled.

We welcome everyone to join us, regardless of experience, athletic background or ability. You don’t have to run the fastest, jump the highest, or be the most agile to play an instrumental role in a game. As long as you have a burning passion for the sport, you will definitely have a chance to shine! Find out more at @hcultimate!

Volleyball (Boys)
Volleyball (Boys)

As one of the longest-standing sporting teams in Hwa Chong, our Girls and Boys teams have put up strong performances in the National School Games over the years, with both teams clinching the national champions title in NSG 2022.

Hwa Chong Volleyball focuses on the holistic development of every member on and off the court, be it physically or mentally, nurturing us to be the best versions of ourselves. Our programmes seek to not only hone our skills and physicality, but also inculcate important life values such as self-discipline, determination and teamwork.

Spanning 49 batches, our widespread alumni network comes together and hosts annual events like the HCVB Chinese New Year dinner, a testament to HCVB’s tight-knit family; not to mention the return of alumni to aid in school training sessions. Every member leaves HCVB with a sense of fulfillment, long-lasting friendships, and an improved character.

Training Dates

Court: Tues and Thu (6-9pm), Sat (8-11am) ─ A variety of challenging and interesting drills to refine our individual skills.
Gym: Wed ─ A comprehensive 6-month gym programme using the best equipment to strengthen ourselves and keep our bodies in peak condition, ensuring optimal on-court performance.

Volleyball (Girls)
Volleyball (Girls)

As one of the longest-standing sporting teams in Hwa Chong, our Girls and Boys teams have put up strong performances in the National School Games over the years, with both teams clinching the national champions title in NSG 2022.

Hwa Chong Volleyball focuses on the holistic development of every member on and off the court, be it physically or mentally, nurturing us to be the best versions of ourselves. Our programmes seek to not only hone our skills and physicality, but also inculcate important life values such as self-discipline, determination and teamwork.

Spanning 49 batches, our widespread alumni network comes together and hosts annual events like the HCVB Chinese New Year dinner, a testament to HCVB’s tight-knit family; not to mention the return of alumni to aid in school training sessions. Every member leaves HCVB with a sense of fulfillment, long-lasting friendships, and an improved character.

Training sessions:

Our CCA timings are consistently planned and revised according to members’ schedules and availability, to maximise attendance for each session.

Court — Tue & Thu 6-9pm, (competition season only) Sat 8-11am
Gym — Wed 4-5.30pm

Water Polo
Water Polo

Waterpolo is a competitive team sport played between 2 teams, with 6 players and 1 goalkeeper on each team. Teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team's goal. Integrating the concept of swimming and hand ball, waterpolo is a thrilling yet challenging sport. To achieve the objective of scoring more goals than the opponent, Waterpolo requires unconventional skills like swimming, treading water, single-handed passing, shooting, all whilst applying strategies taught.

Waterpolo pushes us to our limit both physically and mentally, thus building resilience. Its fast-paced nature builds necessary hand-eye coordination, and teaches us to anticipate and react fast to constant switching from attack to defense. Aside from skills, we hope to develop interpersonal skills in you, such as teamwork, sportsmanship as well as leadership. Not to forget, you can look forward to forging strong friendships with your teammates as you overcome challenges together. Join the waterpolo family and make waterpolo your #whyhc!

For girls, if you lack experience, fret not! Your passion to learn this new sport will do the job. The stamina and technical skills required can be developed during CCA, with the guidance of our experienced coaches and dedicated teachers-in-charge, who build our endurance through swim sets, teach us the techniques required, and advise us on life outside the pool as well.

Wushu 武术
Wushu 武术

A staple in every Chinese New Year and Mid Autumn Festival performance here in Hwa Chong, this CCA jumps around to the latest music and performs acrobatic feats in front of the entire school, and is, no doubt, the one performance everyone eagerly awaits. This CCA is none other than Hwa Chong Wushu (华中武术).

Wushu is both a sport and a performing art. We practice with different weapons and styles, but more importantly, we inculcate and nurture our students with the values of wude (武德), an essential part of every Wushu member.

We compete in the National School Games around March to April every year. During this season, we train 3 times a week, from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. Our training starts with warm-up (基本功) and then we train our Wushu routines. We end off training with exercises to improve our fitness.

Aside from all the training, we are a fun-loving family who work and play hard. Want to know more about us? Check out our Instagram page @hcwushu and feel free to ask us any questions. We welcome everyone ─ with or without experience ─ to the Hwa Chong Wushu family!